Edible Cryptocurrency, Who To Believe About Bitcoin, Wallet Updates, And More

Once? Twice? How many times have you fallen victim to believing something blindly? Perhaps some seemingly ‘sound advice’ from a friend; fake news saturating your social media feed; censorship seeping across certain Reddit groups */r/Bitcoin/*.

In today’s ever-shifting Bitcoin space—often a minefield of misinformation—it pays to stay switched on. Bringing you the REAL Bitcoin story, we recap crucial industry news and innovations from last month…

Some Big Bitcoin Players Spoke Out

In a bumpy Bitcoin market, it’s not wise for newcomers to jump straight in at the deep end… Instead, many crypto-newbies look to “experts” for advice—wise idea!

This is exactly what happened from 7th-11th September aboard the Mediterranean CoinsBank blockchain cruise—a conference for crypto knowledge sharing.


CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise—sparks fly during a charged debate between Roger Ver and Jimmy Song

Big names including Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver, entrepreneur John McAfee, and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee brought cruise guests up to speed with eye-opening keynotes and debates.

Some brilliant insights came to light during a chat between Roger and John, who both agree that Bitcoin holds the golden key to economic freedom—for all of us.

Digging Deeper Into Bitcoin Mining

Understandably, many people are still baffled by investment through Bitcoin mining. After all, it’s a relatively new and complex subject!

Tackling the problem head on, the Digital Mining Summit (held in Georgia last month) brought together Bitcoin mining experts and newbies for a three-day conference extravaganza. Our team also released the new Bitcoin.com Mining Prospectus for investors—a FREE crash course!



The Digital Mining Summit—Unboxing the new educational Bitcoin.com Mining Prospectus

A quick look at the growing Bitcoin economy and increasing “mining difficulty” (shown in the chart below) highlights the maturing investment potential of Bitcoin mining.

In fact, even governments are now turning their attentions to the rising popularity of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Georgia’s very own Minister of Finance attended the conference, which explored advancements in mining technology, scalability issues and investment opportunities.

The Digital Mining Summit—Visiting a Bitcoin.com mining farm in the flesh

During the event, some of the Bitcoin.com team got to see mining in action. They visited one of our partners’ buzzing mining centres—joined by the brilliant Amaury Sachet from Bitcoin ABC, who was the driving force behind the successful Bitcoin Cash fork in 2017.


Bitcoin Through The Eyes Of A Ferocious MMA Fighter

True story: everybody enjoys a sneaky peek into another person’s life. How about seeing things through the eyes of “The Red King”?

“The Red King” Documentary—Rory holds his Bellator Welterweight Belt

Giving you the chance to do just that, our original mini-documentary follows the intriguing life of Rory MacDonald—an MMA world champion who also fights for economic freedom through Bitcoin.

Sponsoring his first-ever middleweight fight against Gegard Mousasi was an adventure well worth sharing. The mini-documentary gets under the skin of a truly remarkable character.

Better Than Gold—Introducing ‘Edible’ Bitcoin

Ask yourself: what good is gold on an otherwise empty dining table? It can’t sustain those facing famine and the sad reality is, all around the world, countless people struggle to feed their families—day in, day out.

So can a cryptocurrency help? Nonprofit organization eatBCH is solid proof that it can. The charity—fighting to turn the tide in favor of those people in economic turmoil—is fuelled entirely by Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

eatBCH—The positive impact helping those in economic turmoil

But how does it feed those in need? By becoming an electronic cash-to-food system led by volunteers: people donate BCH; BCH buys food; hunger is crushed.

Initially launching in Venezuela as the country’s economy plummeted into a stomach-lurching freefall, the eatBCH charity has now expanded to war-torn South Sudan—and has big plans for future movement. More on this to come…


Global Gossip About Bitcoin Cash

Word of mouth—it’s a powerful thing. You Said. He said. She said. Next thing you know, what started out as a quiet convo has spread like wildfire…

The Bitcoin Cash Ambassador program is turning the global gossip towards the greater good—helping people to learn more and get involved.  

Join Bitcoin Cash Tribe on Twitter! @BitcoinTribe

New talk-focused meetups of like-minded BCH advocates are cropping up across the globe, whilst established groups continue to thrive.

Join the Bitcoin Cash Community verbal grapevine on Twitter @BCHMeetups. To see the community in action, watch the first-ever BCH meetup in Chicago—featuring Ambassador Kurt Wucker—right here:

‘Bitcoin Brains’—A Gathering Of Developer Minds

Blockchain, mining, nodes: the world of Bitcoin simply wouldn’t exist without software developers. Their computational power and prowess is the digital lifeblood feeding Bitcoin’s bare bones.

Bringing together some of the brightest sparks in the digital ecosystem, Gabriel Cardona—Bitcoin.com developer and creator of our developer platform BITBOX—hosted a series of wildly popular developer meetups throughout September.

Locations included Tokyo, Merida, Bangalore, and Toronto. On the agenda? Discussing Bitcoin Cash in ‘developer speak’.

See it in action: watch the Tokyo meetup and the Toronto meetup.

Bending The Blockchain With A “Stress Test”?

What happens to things that don’t bend? BTC failed to accommodate the increasing transaction volume back in 2017 and so its fees became too high, reaching as much as $50+ per transaction. Ridiculous.

That’s why Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017

Now, one year on, under the unforgiving public eye, we put Bitcoin Cash to the ultimate test: the biggest community blockchain stress test of all time.

Put through its paces, on 1st September, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain withstood an immensely increased amount of transactions. More specifically, it handled over 2.1 MILLION transactions in 24 hours, averaging fees of just $0.0017—all without a hitch!


BCH Stress Test—Daily transactions soar to over 2 million

But what was gained from pushing BCH to these newfound extremes, aside from a tantalizing spectacle for public scrutiny?

The test provided powerful insights into both the potential of Bitcoin Cash in terms of scalability and capacity—boosting confidence in the industry. Fees remained low; transactions remained fast; and, in those 24 hours, BCH breathed new life into Satoshi’s original Bitcoin vision.

Stay tuned for the BCH stress test round two, coming in 2019.

Polishing The Wallet—What’s New?

Nobody likes waiting—whether it’s for your Bitcoin to transact or the painstakingly slow scroll of a loading screen. We hear you!

Our team is constantly working to improve the Bitcoin.com wallet, crushing the irritation caused by technical bugs—FAST.  

Bitcoin.com Wallet—one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets available

Led by Senior Product Manager Alfonso Rocha, who cracks the wallet whip, the recent update addresses some commonly reported UI bugs.

Reap the rewards by updating to the latest version of the app, and share your all-important thoughts by leaving us a review.

Watch out for our next company update—wishing you an October of more economic freedom.

Team Bitcoin.com


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