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Bitcoin.com’s news operation is on a roll and we are growing as fast as we can hire. We’ve managed to create a readership in the millions and we’ve built a desk of ten full-time journalists producing daily editorial content, supported by additional production and technical staff.

News 24/7, 365 Days a Year, Correspondents Spread Over the Globe

We publish a comprehensive news feed covering all news relevant to the Bitcoin user, covering main industry news as well as consumer-level “news you can use” (practical stuff), including handy DIY tips, links to useful tools, and unbiased reviews and opinions revolving around Bitcoin. Simple logic and real-world examples are preferred before technical jargon and personal rants.

Our readership is truly global, with just below 30% of our traffic originating from the US, a little more than 30% from the EU and the rest (40%) mainly from Asia (with India in top). Lately a few countries in Africa have started contributing to our traffic too.

Our editorial policy is informed by logic and based on the Satoshi whitepaper.

Bitcoin.com News: Every Day, 24 Hours, Global Coverage
We strive to produce a balanced news feed taking all sides into account.

First lesson in journalism (and in quantum physics) – is that there is more than one truth: it’s subjective, it depends on the observer’s point of view. News is not “negative” or “positive”, it preferably just depicts reality. Single posts may “seem” negative or positive, but it’s really the full news flow covering all aspects of the Bitcoin landscape that keep our readers well-informed.

We avoid campaign journalism and pay our full-time exclusive reporters well so they can stay independent. For us it’s important to stay neutral and balanced and report on all relevant news, regardless of industry ties.

Just the Beginning

We do not publish unsolicited or sponsored articles from 3rd parties (as we have our own team of exclusive full-time reporters). We do not insert SEO-targeted links or partake in other editorial cooperation. Our news posts aren’t for sale.

We usually do not cover pre-launch stage projects or promises of future success. We get numerous requests to cover startups in beta mode, ICOs, infographics, new partnerships, equity investments, token pre-sales, crowdfunds, altcoins, untested blockchains, VC conferences and the like, but we’re focused on real-world Bitcoin-related news, targeting the general Bitcoin user (you!) rather than any specific industry.

Target publishing frequency: 90 min. Our targets are ambitious and when we deliver at full capacity we publish a new post every 90 minutes on average. That’s upwards of 18 news posts per day, sometimes even more. And our readers seem to appreciate that frequency. Peak traffic has put us above 10 million page views per month, with numbers differing over seasons depending on market sentiment, and our lively comment fields show people care about our content.

Bitcoin.com News: Every Day, 24 Hours, Global Coverage
If there is anything you’d like us to know send an email to editor@bitcoin.com. We get an avalanche of incoming messages daily, and we read them all, but apologize that we cannot always reply.

We also serve industries relating to Bitcoin, helping companies reach out through our PR and ad packages in a multitude of channels with a growing number of subscribers (to name a few: we reach 300,000+ plus on Twitter, 80,000+ on Telegram and we’ve signed up more than 250,000 notification subscribers – and our newsletter reaches tens of thousands too).

This is only the beginning for our news service. We are going to introduce new features and formats over the coming year and expect our strong growth to continue.

By Nanok Bie, Editor-in-Chief

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