Introducing: Printable Bitcoin Cash Tips

tip with bitcoin

Tipping with Bitcoin Cash is a quick and engaging way to help spread the adoption of BCH.

Tipping is standard practice in most restaurants worldwide. Though usually, when tipping your friendly waiter or bartender, it’s in fiat currency.

If you want to tip in Bitcoin Cash right now, then the service provider needs to either have a Bitcoin Cash wallet or have their smartphone handy with a decent internet bandwidth. Making it difficult to use Bitcoin Cash to tip in some situations- especially in ‘no phone’ workspaces.

Our team recognized this problem and built a solution:

how to tip with bch

Create Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Tips will generate you a personalized tipping ‘card’ that you can top up, print and hand out to show your appreciation of hard-working staff in restaurants, bars, and cafes.

This removes the immediate need for wifi, a smart-phone or a Bitcoin Cash wallet. Instead, those receiving the tip can visit, download a wallet and use the BCH in their own time. enables the spread of Bitcoin Cash adoption and allows the receiver to educate themselves in Bitcoin, at a time that suits them.

It gives them a choice to use or not- with the knowledge that the BCH won’t be wasted.

tip with bch

Generate a personalized tipping card.

To start using the tool,  head to and follow the steps.

Thanks to the Developer team for their continued efforts to scale and develop on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

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