It’s not what you were expecting.

This month, BCH DEVCONs—referred to as “hackathons”—will take place in San Francisco (Oct 10-11) and Amsterdam (Oct 27-28).

Hundreds of switched-on software experts will be in attendance. Sound like the setting for Mr. Robot’s next digital hack? It’s definitely not!

“Hacking,” in the context of a developer conference, is a method of improving how things work. Just like those viral “life hacks” cluttering up your YouTube feed promising smarter ways to get something done, crypto hackers (software developers) help to quickly create proof-of-concept projects.

A BCH DEVCON developer in action

In other words, they help to solve problems more efficiently—think of it as “hacking away” at a problem until it’s solved! So, at the hackathons, software developers come together to create, using old and new tools at their disposal in innovative ways.

What makes these developers special is their determination to build a better world. They do this by spreading peer-to-peer electronic cash to hundreds of millions of people—through the development of the next generation of applications.


Why do Hackathons take place? Think Comic-Con—but for coders.

Software development isn’t all fun and games…

As a digital hub, Hackathons like BCH DEVCON are a place where developers can feel inspired—while feeling at home. Surrounded by like-minded talent, they can bring their ideas to life.

A mutual love of elegant solutions, an innovative approach to problem solving, and mixing concepts from cross-disciplines and technology are the driving factors behind the hackers creating apps that people will want—and even need.

Those attending the event are motivated by various goals—from meeting others and getting inspired, to gaining visibility and potential funding. All are welcome!


What happens at a hackathon?

As a meeting of digital minds, hackathons are a software development hub—full of energy, excitement and positive vibes.

The first day of a hackathon usually starts with peer networking, followed by an official introduction to the themes, tools, and platforms the developers on offer during the event.

Kicking off, teams form and ideation begins. Attendees get insights into the early stages of genius proposals and also see how great minds bounce off each other.

BCH DEVCON hackathon—a software development hub

Once the app idea, plan, and project management are all in place, the coding begins—and doesn’t stop until projects are completed.

In true dev style, teams are typically fuelled with a healthy supply of pizza and caffeinated drinks. These are often much needed since teams are often working on their masterpieces into the early hours!

The next day is D-day: projects are presented and judged. Teams are scored using these criteria:

Understanding of Blockchain Technology (20 Points)

Does your project demonstrate a solid design that utilizes the Blockchain technology?

Practicability (20 Points)

Is your project related to payment solution or token issuance, and how well is it implemented?

Scalability (20 Points)

What can the project achieve in the real-world market, and what’s the performance expectation?

Creativity (20 Points)

How uniquely creative is your project, both in terms of design and reactions from the marketplace?

BCH Score (20 Points)

How effectively does your project use Op_Return and Op_Datasigverify?

Maximum Score Potential: 100 Points


At BCH DEVCON, the judges are software engineers and developers who’ve made bold moves and developments in the blockchain world. Joining our very own Gabriel Cardona will be Ryan Charles of, Josh Ellithorpe from CoinBase, and many more.

Gabriel Cardona, senior developer at

Once the judges have conferred, the winning team is chosen and awards are presented. The winners will receive 10 Bitcoin Cash, as well as investment for their app from Permissionless Ventures.

Keep up to date as it happens—head here to follow the whole event in San Francisco.

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